Flexible Automated Collection System (FACS)

Ontario Systems Corporation’s FACS gives AR Resources an advantage by working accounts smarter, efficiently, and effectively. It has a modular architecture, allowing customization per client's demands. The system uses a windows-based collection screen with web interface for easy access to multiple skip tracing tools. FACS uses action response codes and client-specific scripts, enabling customization to meet client's exact specifications.


Verified Contacts

Verified contacts feature allows direct connection between intended parties and collection representatives. Outbound phone calls use TEXT to SPEECH software to pronounce the party's name. Multiple verification options are provided before transferring the call to a live representative. Personalized messaging increases inbound and outbound connects, leading to more collections for clients.


Artiva Manager

AR Resources uses Artiva Manager to monitor and manage their dialing systems. It enables accurate measurement of calling campaign effectiveness and strategies. Information is readily available, and staff can be monitored and coached while actively working on an account.


Interactive Voice Responses (IVR)

In addition to Verified Contacts, AR Resources utilizes IVR to provide and obtain information 24/7, including taking payments. Integrated voice responses assist after-hours phone calls. All phone calls are recorded and accessible to clients via email.


Data Warehouse

AR Resources employs a data warehouse to customize reports for clients in their desired format. FACS software offers various reports, and additional customization is possible. Data warehouse also improves internal reporting, analytAR Resources, workflows, and business intelligence.